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Welcome to the HIVR4P 2018 Conference in Madrid!

We are honored to co-chair the third biennial HIV Research for Prevention Conference (HIVR4P 2018), and hope you will join us for the only global scientific meeting dedicated exclusively to biomedical HIV prevention research.

This conference takes place at an unprecedented moment in HIV prevention. Extraordinary progress in prevention research has expanded our opportunities to control and ultimately stop this epidemic. As prevention science advances, however, the challenges of ensuring access, designing and evaluating prevention products and strategies for diverse populations in need and building the political will and funding to support a global movement to end AIDS come into even sharper focus.

HIVR4P will include the presentation of cutting-edge research in every field of biomedical HIV prevention – including ARV-based prevention, PrEP, microbicides, vaginal rings, vaccines, passive immunization and other emerging, long-acting technologies. In addition, dozens of invited experts will provide comprehensive overviews of the latest opportunities and challenges in basic, clinical, epidemiologic and implementation science.

HIVR4P is for everyone involved in HIV prevention – researchers, advocates, program developers, funders, policy makers and communities impacted by the epidemic. The conference embraces the growing consensus that effective prevention requires a combination of approaches – and that promoting the exchange of information and experiences between each field of HIV prevention, in an environment that encourages interaction, debate and exchange, is essential to advancing all our efforts.

The first two HIV Research for Prevention conferences, in Cape Town, South Africa and Chicago, USA, set a high standard for future meetings – one we intend to meet when more than 1,300 experts gather for HIVR4P 2018 in Madrid. HIVR4P is known for presenting the latest and most significant research in HIV prevention. The conference is also defined by its collaborative and interactive nature, with opportunities for debate and exchange throughout the conference, Q&A in all sessions and a program-wide commitment to addressing the crosscutting issues that affect every area of HIV prevention. Participation by early-career and developing world researchers is also central to the conference and is made possible by an extensive outreach and scholarship program that ensures true global involvement in the meeting.

Ultimately, however, every aspect of HIVR4P depends upon you. To succeed, we need your research, experience and commitment. On this website you’ll learn more how to submit your research for presentation, how to plan a satellite meeting and how to make the most of your conference experience.

HIVR4P 2018 is part of a global movement to build the alliances and exchanges, across disciplines and countries, that can bring us closer to a world without AIDS. With that goal in mind, we look forward to welcoming you to Madrid for a truly great meeting!


HIVR4P 2018 co-chairs

Jose Alcamí | Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain
Susan Buchbinder | San Francisco Department of Public Health, USA
Mike Chirenje | University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe
Georgia Tomaras | Duke University, USA

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