Theme, Vision and Goals

The HIVR4P 2018 Theme: From Research to Impact

Each HIVR4P meeting comes at a unique moment in the global HIV response. The premier HIVR4P conference, held in Cape Town, South Africa in 2014, chose “Shaping the Science of Prevention” as the theme for the world’s first crosscutting HIV prevention science meeting. HIVR4P 2016 in Chicago focused on the intersections and collaborations taking HIV prevention research forward with the theme, “Partnering for Prevention.”

As we prepare to meet in Madrid at HIVR4P 2018, our fields are increasingly focused on the challenges of translating promising research results into practical, accessible and affordable HIV prevention options for people who need them worldwide. The HIVR4P 2018 theme, “From Research to Impact,” will help guide our conference planning, serve as an organizing principle for our deliberations and remind everyone meeting in Madrid that the ultimate goal of our efforts is to save lives and stop HIV.

Vision and Goals

HIVR4P 2018 is:

Science Driven
HIVR4P is a platform to advance HIV prevention research. The conference responds to a growing global  consensus that effective prevention will require a combination of prevention approaches and unprecedented collaboration between fields of research.

The conference encourages information- and experience-sharing among researchers working on HIV vaccines, microbicides, PrEP, treatment as prevention and other biomedical prevention approaches.

Scholarships for early career investigators, community advocates, journalists and participants from low- and middle-income countries are a priority for the conference, and key to building a truly global HIV prevention research endeavor.

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