Commonly asked questions and answers pertaining to HIVR4P, registration, accommodation and journalist fellowship.

What is HIVR4P?

HIV Research for Prevention (HIVR4P) is the world’s first and only scientific meeting dedicated exclusively to biomedical HIV prevention research, including ARV-based prevention, PrEP, microbicides, vaginal rings, passive immunization and other emerging, long-acting technologies.

HIVR4P is the premier global and scientific conference focused on HIV prevention research. The conference program includes abstract and non-abstract driven oral and poster sessions on the latest research in HIV prevention science, along with high-level plenaries, symposia, debates, roundtables and satellite sessions addressing the big-picture issues confronting the field.

HIVR4P is chaired by four preeminent prevention researchers: Jose Alcamí of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain; Susan Buchbinder of the San Francisco Department of Public Health, USA; Mike Chirenje of the University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe; and Georgia Tomaras of Duke University, USA. The conference Program Organizing Committee includes approximately 40 members reflecting different areas of biomedical prevention research, and geography, gender and career stage.

Who Will Attend HIVR4P?

More than 1,300 researchers, advocates, clinicians, policy makers, private sector partners and public health experts will present and debate the latest HIV prevention research at HIVR4P 2018. 

Community involvement will be central to the meeting. The conference organizers are fundraising to support a large number of scholarships, and to ensure the participation of low- and middle-income country representatives and early-career investigators at the conference.


The search for effective biomedical HIV prevention options has progressed further and changed faster in the last few years than at any time since the epidemic began. HIVR4P responds to a growing consensus that effective HIV prevention will require a combination of approaches and unprecedented collaboration between fields of research.

HIVR4P builds on and links to the successes of the past biennial microbicide and annual vaccine conferences. This new global conference creates opportunities for cross-fertilization among all areas of HIV prevention research, while also providing a venue to discuss research findings, questions and priorities that are specific to each.

How do I use the online registration system?

  • Please visit the registration webpage:
  • Click: “Register Now”
    Enter: First and last name and email address
    Select: Registration type from the drop-down menu
    Click: “Select” next to the “Country” drop-down box. A pop up box will appear
    Enter: Name of your country in the search bar or scroll the pre-populated list
    Click: “Next” button on the bottom of the main registration page
    Click: “Select” at bottom of the pop-up box to choose the highlighted country
  • This will start the registration process. Continue to answer each question through the pages.

What is included in the registration fee?

The HIVR4P 2018 registration fee covers admission to all conference sessions and satellites; some meals, as outlined in the program; a program book; and a USB stick with conference abstracts and a Certificate of Attendance.

Who qualifies for the student/post doc registration?

The student/post doc attendee rate is available for any person at least 18 years old and currently enrolled full time at an accredited university or college or any person actively engaged in a postdoctoral fellowship. Current proof of enrollment or engagement, such as an official student/institution identification, is required to obtain this registration rate. IDs must be available at all times during the conference.

How do I edit my contact information or make changes, such as purchasing a guest ticket, after I have registered?

To make changes to your registration, please re-access your current registration by clicking the “Modify Registration” link in your confirmation email. This email is sent from HIVR4P2018-registration@icsevents.com with the subject Registration Confirmation HIVR4P 2018.

Where can I find my confirmation number?

The confirmation number is a combination of letters and numbers and can be found in your confirmation email. If you are unable to locate your confirmation email, please contact us at: HIVR4P2018-Registration@icsevents.com 

I need to cancel my registration. What is the cancellation procedure and policy?

Cancellation requests must be made in writing by emailing HIVR4P2018-Registration@icsevents.com. The registration fee paid, minus a US$ 100 administrative fee, will be refunded for cancellations received by 24 September 2018. Credit card refunds will be made to the same account used for the payment. Unfortunately, no refunds can be given after 24 September 2018.

If for any reason the conference should be cancelled, HIVR4P 2018 will refund the registration fee. The conference is not responsible for the refund of airfare, hotel, or other costs.

I can no longer attend the conference. What is the substitution policy?

If you are unable to attend HIVR4P, you may transfer your registration to another qualifying person by notifying us via email to HIVR4P2018-Registration@icsevents.com

How can I obtain a Letter of Invitation for my visa application?

Once you submit your registration, you will be taken to the summary page where you can find a link to generate your personalized Letter of Invitation. The same link can be found in your confirmation email.

How do I inform the conference organizers if I have dietary restrictions/special needs?

You may enter any dietary restrictions or special needs information during the registration process. Should we require more information regarding your request, we will contact you.

Which hotel should I contact to reserve a room for the conference?

HIVR4P has secured a discounted block of rooms for attendees at the Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel, the conference hotel. Rooms must be reserved by 24 September and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Early booking is recommended.

Journalist Fellowship

Letter of support

Is a letter of support required for applicants employed by a media organization?

A letter of support is required for all Journalist Fellowship applicants who are employees of media organizations. The letter should: be on the letterhead of your news organization; be signed by your supervisor or editor; and state that your employer will give you leave to attend HIVR4P 2018 and participate in the Journalist Fellowship program on 21-25 October 2018 if you are selected.

Is a letter of support required for applicants who are freelancers?

Freelancers do not need to submit a letter of support. If possible, freelancers should indicate where they hope or expect to place any media coverage they file from HIVR4P 2018.

Media clips

What types of clips are acceptable?

Please submit 2-3 recent links to clips or upload clips (for print clips only) that you believe are most relevant to the conference and fellowship. Ideally, these will relate to HIV research, other biomedical research issues and/or other issues related to the HIV epidemic. Clips published within the past two years are preferred, although older clips can be submitted if they are included with more recent coverage.

Media clips should indicate clearly the authorship of the applicant.

Please submit an English translation (e.g., a Google translation) of any clips published in other languages. For audio or video clips that are not in English, please submit a brief summary in English of the content of the clip.

Print clips must be submitted as PDF (one single file comprising 2-3 of your most recent relevant stories) or as URLs for online links. Please ensure that the PDF submitted is fully legible. MS Word documents will not be accepted.

Application details

Can I update my application once it is submitted?

Yes. You can re-enter and update your submission up until the application deadline of 21 May 2018.

Are applications accepted from online journalists?

Yes. Applications are accepted from print, broadcast (radio or TV) and online journalists. Please note that the media organization publishing the clips should have a clear, professional editorial structure. In general, individually published materials such as blog posts or videos posted by an individual will not be considered. In general, unpublished works will not be considered.

Are applications accepted from journalists working in countries that are not conducting HIV prevention research?

Yes. Applications are accepted from journalists in any country. As HIVR4P is dedicated to biomedical HIV prevention research, priority will be given to applicants reporting in countries that are engaged significantly in HIV prevention studies.

Additional questions

Where can I direct additional questions?

Questions that are not answered here or in the application form can be sent to: media@hivr4p.org.

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